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Famous DJ for Hire in London & Internationally – Lady Roc

Roc is an accomplished & versatile figure in the music & entertainment industry, having built a successful career through her various roles and talents. With a background as a performer, she has showcased her skills in choreography, modelling, creative direction, show production, VIP events, dancing, live bands, and DJing. Her dynamic stage presence, vibrant personality and ability to adapt to different events and genres have made her a sought-after name in the industry.

One of Roc’s notable achievements is the establishment of the popular event ‘Roc Wednesdays,’ which became a favoured destination for celebrity nights out starting from 2014.
With a deep understanding of various musical genres, Roc is known for her ability to curate eclectic sets that span from chilled lounge house and melodic house to Motown, afro-beat, dance classics, deep house and disco. Her DJ performances are characterised by seamlessly blending familiar tracks with innovative beats, creating a unique and energetic atmosphere that entices guests to the dance floor.

Roc’s influence and involvement extends beyond where she played a pivotal DJ role in the music scene, notably organising the Konvict Release Party for Akon’s EP in 2022. Her expertise in event management also led her to supply and coordinate artist roles for Akon’s music video, ‘Prolly fucc.’ Moreover, Roc has contributed to press parties for the reality TV show ‘The Apprentice’ for two consecutive years, showcasing her DJing skills and organisational prowess and further demonstrated her versatility by DJing and organising private production parties for the popular show ‘The Only Way Is Essex.’

 Roc’s influence extends globally, as she has spent significant time in Dubai, where she held DJ residencies at prestigious venues, brunches and performed at private luxury events. 

Roc’s resume includes an impressive list of accomplishments, such as organising and directing dance and singing show productions, catering to corporate and drinks brands, hosting daytime party brunches, and participating in various shows and productions. Her experience spans from iconic venues like the Burj Khalifa in Dubai to private villa parties in St Tropez and London, underlining her global impact and versatility in the entertainment industry.

Overall, Roc’s journey is characterised by her exceptional talent, extensive experience, and undeniable passion for creating unforgettable experiences in the world of music and entertainment.

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