Paul Hardcastle Jr

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Paul Hardcastle – Saxophonist

Paul Hardcastle Jr is a Billboard chart-topping and Grammy-nominated saxophonist who has enjoyed a successful career in the music industry.


Throughout his career, Paul has endeavoured to make a mark wherever he plays or creates music, lending his talent to commercial recording, music production and songwriting. As a multifaceted artist, Paul has made a name for himself in the smooth jazz, soul, house & chill-out genres.


During Paul’s career, he has not only established himself as a session musician but has also rocked countless stages and dance floors worldwide. Paul loves to get involved with your crowd and build a rapport with your attendees, leaving your guests with a smile on their face and their feet on the dance floor.


The incredibly popular Solo DJ, Sax & Percussion act is what separates Paul from the crowd. These one-of-a-kind multi-instrument performances allow the client to have three musicians in one.

As a live musician, Paul has worked with some of the largest major artists and brands such as; Hedkandi, Defected, Rick Astley, Ray Lewis, Deep Purple, The Script, Alex Gaudino, Eddie Theonick, Brandon Block, Wes Clarke, Brian McFadden, Ryan Farish,  Baby D, Luck & Neat, Harvey, Luke Burr, & many more.


As far as venues and events go, he performs regularly at locations such as The o2, various world-renowned five-star luxury hotels, VIP international events, VIP Weddings, festivals, superyacht parties & countless others.


Paul’s charisma and talent has been recently spotted by national TV executives and on many occasions have approached him to perform on primetime live and prerecorded TV.


On social media, various videos of Paul’s performances have gone viral with some receiving over 1,000,000 views in a single week. These videos were also shared and endorsed by Europe’s most respected dance music label Defected who continue to share Paul’s posts relevant to their brand.

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