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London Musician Hire

Palace bring energy and atmosphere – working our way through genres and decades.Expect a polished PA, cutting-edge equipment, and killer sets. Think style, glitz and confidence. And every special request met. Put this together, and they’ve got the thing that makes dance floors jump and feet frantically tap (even the feet of the tough-to-impress guest).


Get ready for a tantalising repertoire – from classics to crowd-pleasers, Bruno Mars to Chaka Khan – contemporary, through to Motown, disco and soul – from rock to pop. 5-piece band features formidable twin female vocals (think tight harmonies and soulful melodies). Then there’s the guitarist and bass players, who make magic with a total of ten strings. And finally, there’s the drummer – who keeps the rhythm kicking for song after song


Backing them up are custom-created accompaniment tracks – handcrafted in our studio for keys, brass and synths. So, while they’re a 5-piece, they sound like a 9-piece. It’s huge. And cost-effective.

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