Vertical Dance Performance 🇮🇹🌍

This jaw-dropping vertical dance act is available to hire for international events, weddings, corporate & private events.

Vertical Dancing Project

This vertical dancing troupe offers performances along vertical surfaces that become the scene.

The architectural space, a tower, the main square, a facade, a wall. They shape the development of creation by determining the uniqueness of the action in relation to the place we inhabit

What Makes Us Unique

Flexibility and Autonomy

The performances vary according to the
surface and the context. The quality is
given by experience and by predefined
and proven choreographic structures

Acrobatic Femininity

Thanks to their contemporary dance
background the performers
communicate grace, strength, great
freedom of movement and courage

Vertigo and Beauty

Dizzying heights, breathtaking jumps, zip
lines to fly over the public, video
interactions and light fluffy dresses: we
follow the imagination to create visions

What We Do

Fashion Events and
Private Events

We have taken part in commercial events such as black Fridays, fashion shows, white nights and product launches

Inauguration of Buildings and Infrastructures

Hotels, shopping districts, renovations, urban spaces and stores: performances that resonate with the city

Live Shows

New Year’s Eve, Halloween, Carnivals, Festive occasions and celebrations: Saint Valentine 2019 in Venice opened with us!


Street theatre, dance and
music festivals.
Collaborations with artists,
videomakers and

Site Specific Events

We create tailor-made performances

We assist you from the formulation of the idea to its realisation.

Unique Events

Vertical performances that can be adapted to themes, seasons, dreams! We use original choreographies and costumes. Video projections and live music on

Architecture and Design

The show as a means for enhancing space and architecture

Variable Number of Performers

Our shows may vary from 1 to 4, 6, 10 and more performers.