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Junior Jack’s achievements are countless. As a producer, he’s created some of the best records of the early 2000s in house music. Including ‘My Feeling’, ‘Thrill Me (Such A Thrill)’, ‘E Samba’, ‘Dare Me (Stupidisco)’ and ‘Da Hype’ (which all went Top 40 in the UK). As well as his debut album ‘Trust It’ in 2004 which featured all of the above as well as his still-smoking club mix of the aforementioned Ibiza classic ‘Thrill Me’ (with Erick Morillo and Terra Deva).

He was also one of the most prolific house music mixers of that magical era, and we haven’t even mentioned his chart-topping disco classic ‘Make Luv’ by his alter ego Room 5, which made it to the very top of the charts in 2003 in the UK. As a DJ as well, he dominated dance floors relentlessly across the globe, including his residency at Pacha in Ibiza, where he really came into his own as the master of his own sound for Defected.

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But where has JJ been since we last danced to his music? “I’ve been away!” says Junior Jack, AKA Italian DJ/producer Vito Lucente of the past couple of seasons that he’s spent hiding behind the scenes. “Everybody talks about a comeback, but I never stopped making music so it’s not a comeback, I was making music but not releasing it.”

Talking of music, Vito says his way of making music has never changed. “It’s not a new start, it’s a continuation,” he reasons. “I always create music the same way, I do music without asking questions to myself and I deliver music to the record company! I’ve always found it difficult to talk about my music myself! But most of the time, I do it very quick. When you have the idea in the head, it’s easy to do with synths and computers and if I spend too much time thinking, it’s not always good. So I create quickly! In 25 years of making music, the good feedback is always to music I did very fast. ‘Room 5’ took 2 hours to make, ‘Stupidisco’ [which was a remake of ‘Dare Me’] I did in one afternoon! Spontaneous and fast.”

JJ sees 2019 as a return to where he began, a perfect circle of sorts. “Yes, it’s a return to where I started,” he smiles. “I wanted to check what PIAS thought after I delivered, and they liked the music and wanted to follow! So I am happy. They picked it up and I am happy.” The plan is for PIAS to release three EPS later this year and after that, he will concentrate on something more radio-friendly with vocals and, most exciting of all, the follow-up to his ‘Trust It’ album.

Recently, his shows have been mostly headline gigs with JJ as the house headliner, and he see himself in with the current greats, like The Martinez Brothers, Dennis Ferrer, Erick Morillo and Solomun. “At one festival, I shared the decks with Roger Sanchez which was cool as he’s someone I really respect and this year I’ll see people I didn’t see in a while, like Mousse T. I was just a kid when I went to see him for the first time and he’s stayed a very cool guy!”

As for respected artists he would like to play with, he says either Solomun, Green Velvet or Hot Since 82: “I like what they do and I like the groove they have.” And now Junior Jack is returning with an inimitable house groove of his own: hold tight.