Famous Rappers For Hire

Looking for a celebrity rapper for corporate events and private events?


Sean Paul

Sean Paul’s distinct voice, catchy rhythms and first class productions have been the perfect blend for the success of this Grammy Award-winning international superstar. The multi-platinum artist has ignited stages in well over 100 other countries.


Romeo first found fame in the garage group So Solid Crew, best known for their wide success in the early 2000’s and are credited with having paved the way for the current generation of crossover UK hip hop stars.

So Solid Crew

So Solid Crew are a UK rap supergroup that achieved wide success in the early 2000s. They inspired London youth to experiment with the garage genre, leading to what would become known years later as grime.

Tiggs Da Author

Singer, composer, and rapper Tiggs Da Author gained recognition in a short space of time after collaborating with huge U.K artists such as Kano, Sway, KSI, and many more.