The Entertainment Agency has supplied entertainment and event planning services to thousands of events worldwide. 

We have extensive connections to musicians and event planners in countries across the globe. Our musicians and event planning staff are some of the best in the world, and that’s why they regularly travel worldwide to provide their services.

United Kingdom

Since being founded many years ago, The Entertainment Agency has played an instrumental part in thousands of events in the United Kingdom.

Spain & The Balearics

The Entertainment Agency has extensive connections to live entertainers, famous DJs, beautiful wedding venues & more all over Spain & The Balearics.

Dubai & The UAE

Over the past few years, Dubai has become a second home for The Entertainment Agency. We supply the world’s best entertainment to VIP parties, weddings, yacht parties & more all over the Emirates.

Santorini & Greece

Every year so many of our happy couples choose to have beautiful weddings & milestone parties in Santorini. Our entertainers love performing in Santorini and are always happy to travel to this Greek island.


The Entertainment Agency provides wedding planning and entertainment services to weddings and events all over Italy and its islands.